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TESRO provides IEEE project guidance for Postgraduate & Undergraduate students in different disciplines. At TESRO, we do thorough research on each IEEE base paper to ensure that the project can be completed within the stipulated time before we add them to our project list. Also, we make sure that the project meets student constraints like the ease of demonstration at college, total project cost etc.
All the projects are developed as per IEEE standards. We encourage students to incorporate new ideas and concepts into their projects. We have an expert development team in JAVA, .NET, Android, and Raspberry PI technologies. Students can choose from any of the available technologies according to their area of interest.
We offer FREE IEEE final year projects with our Advanced TESRO Certified Software Courses. Also pre-final year students can choose to attend our advanced software courses on weekends and holidays which helps them to get placed easily during on-campus and off-campus placement drives.

Java is the most popular programming languages used to create flexible Web applications, which would run on any machine, regardless of platform or architecture. It is object-oriented and class-based. Developers prefer Java because the Java code can be run securely on nearly any other platform, regardless of the operating system or architecture of the device, as long as the device has an installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

TESRO develops projects in Core Java, Servlet, JSP with frameworks like Struts, Spring and Hibernate technologies based on IEEE papers. All these IEEE projects have been developed under the guidance of an expert team in TESRO.

The .Net framework is a general purpose development platform by Microsoft, usually used for windows and windows server application development. TESRO offers latest IEEE projects in the .NET framework in such a way that students can understand and implement the projects on their own.

We have a wide range of and c# based projects, ready to start development as per the student’s requirement. Our projects include theory and practical training to enable you to start .Net project development in no time.

Android is the largest mobile bases operating system used for developing mobile based applications for users. It is based on open source software with modified versions of Linus kernels.

We offer latest IEEE android based projects in Trivandrum and Kollam with advanced android training. Our development team fulfills all the IEEE standards for the projects and offers full guidance in project development and documentation.

Raspberry Pi is a dynamic microcontroller runs with python language that is capable of working like anything a computer does. It is widely used for automation because of low cost and small size.

TESRO helps you to develop your Raspberry Pi project ideas into a final year project. Our training and guidance on Raspberry Pi make an expert in python coding and project development.

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