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Python Training

Python is a beginner-friendly general-purpose high-level programming language used to build just about anything from web applications to scientific applications. This versatile language helps you to work and integrate systems quickly and efficiently. Python is a perfect language for beginners, having easy to use syntax.

Python is one of the most widely used programming language for Web and application development these days. It has applications in nearly every field such as data science, machine learning, web development, finance, cloud computing automation etc.

At TESRO -Technical Education & Scientific Research, Trivandrum, we offer four levels of python training courses, from basics to advanced, to sharpen your skills as a python programmer.


Our custom python training courses are the following. Click on each course name to view details.

Python- Level 1 is a basic training course designed for beginners in python programming.  This python course covers the basic concepts of python like environment setup, syntax, basic operators, loops, strings, functions, modules, exceptions etc. Python- Level 1 is the suitable for those who need to familiarize with basic python programming language.

Level: Beginners

Python Professional- Level 2 is an intermediate level training python training course. In addition to the Level 1 concepts, this python course  offers programming techniques like CGI programming, database access, networking, GUI programming, multithreading etc.  This python training program is helpful for candidates who are doing their final year IEEE projects.

Level: Intermediate

Advanced Python professional –Level 3 covers all the concepts in Python professional- level 2. This python training program enables you to work with the Django framework. Django is a python framework that enables faster and easier application development. All the aspects of in Django framework is covered with live examples.  After completing the course one will be able to code in an efficient manner.

Level: Advanced

Advanced Python Expert –level 4 is the most advanced training course offered by TESRO. This python training program covers all the concepts included in our advanced python professional program –Level 3. In addition to that you will be trained on MongoDB, which is an open source cross platform database program. On completion of the training program, you will be transforming into a skilled python programmer.

Level: Expert


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