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Ethical Hacking Training Courses

Ethical Hacking or penetration testing is a security procedure by which exploits and vulnerabilities of a network are identified just like a malicious hacker but lawfully and with an intention to fix the network security issues. It involves scanning ports, finding vulnerabilities, examining patches, checking for social engineering attack possibilities, sniffing networks, evading honeypots and firewalls etc. It provides a better understanding on Trojans, backdoors and the countermeasures. This helps the organization to strengthen their security policies and infrastructure. Penetration testing is done on a regular basis to ensure consistent security management. This creates huge opportunities for penetration testers. TESRO Certified Security Specialist (TCSS) is an advanced network security course offered at TESRO – Software, Networking and Management.

TESRO Certified Security Specialist (TCSS) is an advanced network security course designed by the pioneers of Information Security that prepares you to assess the security of computer networks using penetration testing techniques. Unlike most courses out there, you will be trained to handle a wide range of multiplatform penetration testing tools.The training is done in an interactive manner focusing on hands on exposure which ensures that the candidates get the maximum out of this program. This course will be helpful for candidates who are preparing for Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of network and security technologies. Candidates who have undergone CCNA training are familiar with the basics.
Level: Advanced

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